LSI helps employers navigate the complex government process of the H-2A program from start to finish.

With significant expertise in helping our clients move through these multi-agency processes, we are dedicated to providing a full-service, end-to-end, and transparent experience.

Personalized Experience

We are passionate about personalizing this experience for our clients, and we want to understand your business and its needs above all else. This helps us to build relationships with our customers that are invaluable throughout the labor process.

Educate Clients

LSI is committed to educating our clients on the regulations of the H-2A program and provide them with tools to support compliance.  We want our clients to be aware of the active entities and their roles in this process including the State Workforce Agency, U.S. Department of Labor, Homeland Security (USCIS), and Department of State.

Customized Solutions

LSI prepares customized solutions for your business needs, obtains approval and meets requirements of above listed agencies, and coordinates as needed all logistics for workers to arrive safely at their final destinations, ready for work.

Full Service Agency

We help our clients understand government requirements, navigate audits and investigations, and act as a resource for any questions and support before and after your workers arrive. LSI is a full-service labor agent.

Online tools

LSI’s online Employer Portal is transforming the H-2A user experience by providing customers with a smooth, online application process, ease of access to documents and resources, and the tools to stay organized and prepared for an audit.

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become a costumer
Become a costumer

Become an LSI customer. LSI will onboard and train any new participants to the H-2A program and provide all the necessary information.


Create an Online Account. Get access to the LSI Employer Portal and complete the Employer Questionnaire.

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lsi files on your behalf
LSI files on your behalf

LSI files for your H-2A workers on your behalf. Our software populates necessary program forms, and we navigate the complex government processes, so you don’t have to.


Once the filing process is complete, you’ll have access to an online Final Packet within the Employer Portal for you to stay in compliance with all the regulations of the H-2A program. LSI gives you the tools you need, all in one place.

access to an online final packet